Partial List of Timberland Appraisals

Sept. - Nov. 2010DNR – State of Washington
Timber cruise and appraisals on approx. 4000 aces in Chelan and Kittitas Counties. Appraisals made for inter-trust exchange and to determine 50-year lease value of lands to be transferred to Dept. of Fish & Wildlife.
May - July 2010 TimberWest Canada
Appraisal of 320,049 hectares (791,000 acres) timberland ownership on Vancouver Island, BC. Largest private land holding in Western Canada.
January - February 2010Forest Capital Partners
Appraisal of transitional timberland (HBU) tracts along Oregon Coast. Included residential ocean view property and environmentally sensitive property slated for sale to Oregon State Parks. All tracts cruised by J&P.
August – Oct. 2009Jeld-Wen
Timber cruise and appraisals on three tracts totaling 38,500 acres of timberland in south central Oregon
June - July 2009DNR – State of Washington
Check-cruise and appraisal on approx. 2250 aces along upper Klickitat River
Oct. 2009Whatcom land Trust
Appraisal review on 1,500 acres of primarily riparian lands in the Skookum Creek Corridor, Whatcom County
April - June 2008DNR – State of Washington
Appraisal update on 28 scattered tracts in Northeastern Washington.
June - October 2007DNR – State of Washington
Appraisal of 52 scattered forested tracts in Northeastern Washington ranging over six counties. Most tracts with HBU above forestland. All tracts cruised by J&P.
January - February 2007Royal Bank of Canada
Appraisal of Menasha Timberlands in Oregon and Washington for potential purchase by bank’s industrial timberland client. Approximately 130,000 acres.
March - July 2006Oregon Industrial Timberland Company
Appraisal of 95,000 acre southwest Oregon tree farm for owner. Also cruised by J&P.
April - August 2006The Conservation Fund
Appraisal of Murrelet habitat lands for acquisition by conservation group. Acquisition was the result of mitigation funds from New Carissa shipwreck disaster. Also cruised by J&P.
July - November 2006Weyerhaeuser Company
Appraisal of conservation easement. Property included unique meadows and rare plants in Oregon coastal mountain range. Also cruised by J&P.
January - March 2005U.S. Bank - Blixseth Group Inc.
Appraisal of 199,000 acres of Central Washington timberland
February 2005DNR – State of Washington
Appraisal of six scattered tracts within Natural Resource Conservation Area including Marbled Murrelet habitat stands.
September 2004DNR – State of Washington
Appraisal of 2,175 acres in Skagit County and 2,867 acres in Snohomish County for three-way exchange.
April & May 2004Plum Creek Timber
Appraisal of approximately 1,000 acres in Pierce and King Counties, including Carbon River Gorge area.
February 2004DNR – State of Washington
Three properties over 500-acres in King County WA with development potential. Scheduled for transfer to DNR Conservation Areas Program.
February - March 2004Plum Creek Timber
Appraisal along with inventory cruising of two properties totaling 5,200 acres in Coos County, Oregon
Oct 2003 - April 2004DNR – State of Washington
Appraisals along with timber cruising on 12 scattered tracts. Over 6,000 acres in Skagit, Snohomish, King and Klickitat Counties
December 2003DM Stevenson Ranch
Appraisal Review. Subject properties include two ownerships totaling over 10,000 acres.
December 2003SSI Corp (Foreign Investor)
Cash Flow Analysis, of Western Washington Hardwoods mill
November - December 2003Rayonier Timberland Company
Appraisal of 5 separate timberland tracts totaling 1,500 acre most with development potential
November - December 2003Rayonier Timberland Company
Appraisal of 6 individual tracts totaling 1,100 acres. All occupied by Marbled Murrlet.
April 2003DNR – State of Washington
Appraisal of timber tract in Grays Harbor County occupied by Marbled Murrlet
January - February 2003Bank of American – South Coast Lumber
Appraisal along with inventory of 28000 acre Tree Farm in Curry County, Oregon.
October 2003DNR – State of Washington
Appraisal of over 4,000 acres of properties located in Sultan Basin to be transferred to State Parks.
June 2003DNR – State of Washington
Weyerhaeuser Exchange including 3,700 acres of State Lands, Western Washington
June 2003Rayonier Timberland Company
Appraisal of 36,000 acre timberland tract lying on the Olympic Peninsula.
April 2003DNR – State of Washington
121 acre timbered tract occupied by Marbled Murrlet within the Elk River Natural Resources Conservation Area (NRCA)
April 2003Metropolitan Mortgage
7,900 acre timberland tract along Skykomish River in Northwestern WA
September - December 2002Bank of America
Appraisal of 229,000 acres of timberland properties in Western Washington
April - July 2002DNR – State of Washington
Timber appraisal of 23 parcels (3 projects) Totaling 3500 acres in Thurston, Lewis and Klickitat counties Washington.
December 2001 - March 2002U. S. Bank
Inventory cruise and appraisal on 16,000acre Western Washington tree farm.
December 2001Bank of America
Appraisal of 110,000-acre tree farm located in Western Oregon.
September 2001The Cascades Conservation Partnership
Appraisal of five timberland tracts lying along the Yakima River in Kittitas County, Washington.
July 2001Grays Harbor County Dept. of Forestry
Appraisal on two tracts for exchange and one tract for acquisition in Grays Harbor County, Washington.
May 2001Bonneville Power Administration
Timber appraisal along 22 miles of right-of-way Raymond to Cosmopolis, Washington.
March 2001First Union National Bank
Appraisal of 226,000 acres of fee timberland and timber deeds in Eastern Oregon and 10,000 acres of timberland in Western Washington.
April 2000First Union National Bank
Appraisal Review of 21,000 acres of timberland lying along the River in Eastern Oregon for exchange with the BLM
March 2000U.S. National Park System
Timber appraisal on 1000-acre addition to Fort Clatsop national Memorial. Site of Lewis & Clark Pacific encampment.
December 1999 Grays Harbor PUD
Timber and reproduction appraisal on 3.5 miles of proposed power-line right-of-way.
February 1999 DNR – State of Washington
Review appraisal on timber component of proposed Loomis Forest Transfer Eastern Washington, 25,000 acres.
May 1998 DNR – State of Washington
Plum Creek Timber and DNR Exchange 15,660 acres Western WA
March 1998 Quinault Land & Timber Enterprise
Small tracts on Quinault Indian Reservation.
February 1998 Hong Kong Bank of Canada
Appraisal of five separate tracts total of 4,400 acres in Western WA
September 1998 Bureau of Land Management
Cruise and appraisal of 677 acres for exchange with private Party. Oregon Coast Range.
December 1997 Wayne Parris MAI (Elwha Indian Tribe)
Timber Appraisal on 250 acre tract in Clallam County.
February 1997 Anderson & Middleton
Tract of high value export old growth cedar and fir on Salmon River, N.W Washington.
June & September 1997 Quinault Indian Nation
Appraisal of two small tracts, Olympic Peninsula.
December 1997 Elwha Tribe
Cruise & appraisal of 250 acres, Clallam County, Washington.
November 1996 DNR – State of Washington
Weyerhaeuser-DNR Exchange - 7145 acres, Western Washington.
August 1996 Anderson & Middleton
Cruise & appraisal of high quality old growth cedar, Grays Harbor, Washington.
March 1996 Green Crow Timber Co.
MRGC Timberlands 28,383 acres Western Washington
March 1996 DNR – State of Washington
Champion International-DNR Exchange-16, 040 acres Western WA.
March 1996 Yorkshire Group
Appraisal 2500 acres timber and land-Western Oregon.
February 1996 Grays Harbor County
Quinault Indian Reservation 245 acres.
March 1995 City of Seattle & Weyerhaeuser Co.
Tolt River Basin Exchange 174 acres in King County.
July 1995 Internal Revenue Service
Appraisal 80,000 acres Washington & Oregon-private industrial timber owner for tax purposes.
September 1995 Citifor, Inc.
Cruise and timber evaluation on 600 acre stand of eucalyptus Honokaa, Hawaii.
December 1994 DNR – State of Washington
Equestrian Center - 678 acres in Lewis County, Washington.
September 1994 City of Port Townsend
Small tract in Jefferson County.
May 1994 Quinault Indian Nation and Grays Harbor Co.
Land and timber exchange.2805 acres in Grays Harbor Co.
May 1994 Quinault Indian Nation
Land and timber appraisal 481 acres in Grays Harbor Co.
March 1994 DNR – State of Washington
Appraisal of State Trust Lands 1500 acres in King County.
March 1994 DNR – State of Washington
Appraisal of Mt. Si Intergrant Lands - State Trust, 2490 acres.