Jackson and Prochnau has performed a large number of Consulting Forestry services. Here you can find a summary of the projects performed, updated as of Februrary 2007.

2006Cruise and appraisal of 95,000 acre southwest Oregon property for owner.
2006Appraisal of 26 tracts of timberland in southern Oregon for major timber owner.
2006Check cruise and examination of 580,000 acre property in western Oregon and Washington for potential buyer.
2006Cruise and appraisal of Murrelet habitat lands for acquisition by conservation group. Mitigation funds from New Carissa incident used for purchase.
2006Management of 11,000 acre tree farm in northwest Washington and numerous 100 acre to 1000 acre properties in Oregon including supervision of timber and log sales - ongoing.
2006Cruise and appraisal of conservation easement on northwest Oregon property for major timber owner.
2005Various cruise and appraisals for exchange of timber properties for major timber owners.
2005Various timberland appraisals for DNR – State of Washington, including Marbled Murrelet habitat.
2005 Inventory cruise and appraisal of 199,000 acre ownership in Central Washington.
2004 Audit of timber inventory for prospective buyer of industrial tree farm in Northeastern Washington.
2004 Inventory cruise near Libby, Montana
2004 Annual 5000+ acre inventory for Southern Oregon timber company.
2004 Exchange cruises for major industrial timber firms in Western Oregon.
2004 Management and timber harvest supervision for several Western Oregon owners.
2004 Audit of timber inventories on 300,000 acres for sale by major timber company in Western and Southern Oregon.
2003 Check cruise and appraisal on 28,000-acre tree farm located on South Oregon Coast for lender and potential buyer.
2002-03 Cruise and valuation of 80,000 acre Southern Oregon timber property. Division of undivided interest of three owners into 24 parcels for lottery partition.
2002 Check Cruise and appraisal on 229,000 acres of industrial timberlands in W. Washington for lending group.
2002 Log Marketing for danger tree removal along BPA Powerline. Approx. 20 miles of Right-of-Way in Grays Harbor Co., Washington.
2002 Timber cruise and reproduction stand verification on 12 tracts (6000 acres) lying on the Pacific Crest Trail located in the North Cascades of Washington.
2002 Exchange cruise including 10,000 acres of merchantable timber for industrial timberland owner in W. Oregon.
2002 Timber cruise and appraisal on 23 parcels to be exchanged. Washington State Trust Lands in Thurston, Lewis and Klickitat Counties, Washington.
2001-02 Inventory cruise and appraisal on 16,000 acre Western Washington tree farm.
2001-02 Timber cruise and appraisal on over 20 miles of Powerline Right-of-Way timber in W. Washington for public utility.
2001 Timber cruise and appraisal on 5 timberland tracts lying on the Yakima River in Washington for Environmental Group.
2001 Measured, 1000 plots for ongoing inventory of Northwest Oregon Tree Farm.
2001 Appraisal and Inventory verification on 110,00-acre Southern Oregon ownership for lender
2001 Appraisal on 191,000 acres of fee timberlands and 36,000 acres timber deed holdings in Eastern Oregon for Lending Group
2000 Review appraisal on 21,000 acres of timberland lying along the John Day River in Oregon and an appraisal on 38 BLM tracts for exchange.
2000 Completed timber cruising project for sale units on 44,000-acre industrial timberland ownership near Prineville, Oregon.
2000 Timber cruise, reproduction inventory and certified appraisal on 1000-acre addition to the Fort Clatsop National Memorial (Site of Lewis & Clark Encampment).
2000 Timber cruise on 25,000 acres in Central Oregon for exchange between industrial owners.
2000 Appraisal on two timberland tracts totaling 10,000 acres in Western Wash.
1999 Timber cruise on 23,000 acres in Colorado.
1999 Review appraisal on Loomis Forest Transfer for Washington State DNR.
1999 Timber cruise on 5000 acres of industrial timberland for exchange in Western Washington.
1999 Study and analysis of Swiss Needle Cast infection area on Central Oregon Coast for sale of timberland between large industrial timberland owners.
1999 Certified appraisal of timber lying in six separate holdings scattered throughout Western Washington for Hong Kong Bank of Canada.
1999 Cruise and certified appraisal of 3 ˝ miles of proposed power line right of way over seven landowners in Western Washington.
1998-01 Management of timber harvesting operations along railroad right-of-way in Western and Southern Oregon (2 separate rail lines). Project also involved set-up of unique logging system for track equipment and negotiating sale of timber lying over tunnels.
1998-01 On-going timber cruising project to assist large scale timber sale program on 600,000-acre industrial timberland ownership near Klamath Falls in Southern Oregon.
1998 Cruise and certified appraisal of private holdings for exchange to Bureau of Land Management in Oregon Coast Range.
1998 Check cruise on 25,000 acre Loomis Forest Transfer project for Washington State DNR.
1998 Fair market valuation of bare timberland for tax basis in Western Oregon for industrial owner.
1997-98 Cruise and certified appraisal on 15,600 acres of timberland for exchange between Washington State DNR and Industrial owner.
1997 Cruise and Fair Market Valuation on 1400 acres of timberland for estate taxes and division between heirs.
1997 Third party check cruising on 80,000-acre exchange between U.S.F.S. and industrial owner - Western and Central Washington.
1997 Timber cruising of sale units totaling 10,000 acres of high value Ponderosa pine stands in Central Oregon - for seller.
1997 Timber cruising for acquisition of low value Pine stands in Northeast Washington.
1997 Fair market valuation on 18 tracts totaling 50,000 acres plus in Southern Oregon for industrial owner.
1996-97 Cruise and FMV appraisal on 9500 acre Southern Oregon tract. Total of 52 individual parcels all appraised separately and as a total.
1996-97 Study and analysis of cruising versus scale and grade recovery for Northwest Timber Company. Analysis of cruise volume program results compared to actual scale by individual tree.
1996-97 Cruise and valuation of 170,000 acre Oregon timber property. Division of undivided interest of four owners into 48 parcels for partition.
1996 Cruise and appraisal on 28,000 acre Western Washington tract for division of undivided interest of two owners. Appraisal included 137 separate parcels lying in 5 geographical areas.
1996 Cruise inventory on 65,000 acre Western Oregon property for owner.
1996 Cruise and valuation on 12,000 acres Eastern Washington property for lending institution.
1996 Check cruise on Western Oregon 250,000 acre property for potential buyer.
1996 Check cruise on 300,000 acre Eastern Oregon timber property for potential buyer.
1996 Cruise and certified appraisal on 7100 acres of timberland for exchange between Washington State DNR and industrial owner.
1995-96 Cruise, appraisal, division and management of 8000 acre Western Oregon property. Including harvesting supervision and marketing of logs.
1995 Cruise and timber evaluation on 600-acre eucalyptus tract near Honokaa, Hawaii.
1995 Cruise and certified appraisal on 26,000 acres of timberland for exchange between Washington State DNR and industrial owner.
1995 Feasibility study on Far East Russian timber.
1994-95 Fair market appraisal for Internal Revenue Service on 80,000 acre W. Washington timber property.
1994 Cruise and certified appraisal on 4000 acres of Washington State Trust lands.
1994 Timber examination and feasibility study on 70,000-acre concession in Honduras, Central America for timber companies.
1994 Ongoing cruises for purchase or sale for upwards of 25 timber companies in Western Oregon and W.A.
1994 Inventory of 25,000 acres Central-Eastern Oregon for private timber companies’ exchange.
1994 A quality control, logging and forest practice supervision of fee land harvesting for Georgia-Pacific, W. Oregon.
1994 Cruise in Southeast Alaska on government timber sales for Indian corporation.
1993 Inventory on Montana timber properties for exchange.
1993 Inventory on Colorado Ranch Property - 70,000 acres.
1993 Check cruise and quality control on 150,000-acre timberland exchange, N. California, for private industrial owners.
1992 Cruise and certified appraisal on proposed Equestrian Center in Western Washington.
1992-99 Management of 1300 acres Western Oregon tract for timber owner (cruising, surveying, appraisals and sale supervision.)
1992-94 Cruising and appraisals on various exchanges for Quinault Indian Nation, Western Washington.
1992-93 Management, cruises and appraisals for bank trust properties, Western Oregon.
1992-93 Several appraisals for Seattle Water Dept. pertaining to acquisition of Tolt Reservoir lands including filtration plant site.
1992 Inventory and appraisal for 100,000 acres Southwest Oregon for Timber Company.
1991-94 Quality control, logging and forest practice supervision of fee land harvesting for Fortune 500 Company Western OR.
1991-93 Ongoing inventory of Georgia Pacific Coquille division ownership.
1991-92 Inventory of Medford Corporation ownership in Southern Oregon approx. 140,000 acres.
1991-01 Ongoing inventory of Weyerhaeuser lands in Western Washington.
1990-93 Inventory of Hill Timber Interest Lands, Linn County, Oregon - l34, 000 acres.
1989-94 Ongoing contract with Wash. State DNR for FMV timber appraisals on private tracts for purchase and state lands for transfer with agencies.
1989-93 Fair market appraisal of 500-acre fire damage in Eastern Oregon for US Attorney (U.S.F.S.).
1989-90 Feasibility study and appraisal of Siberian, USSR timber venture for Western Europe and Canadian investment trust. Involved reconnaissance examination of 627,000 hectares (1,500,000 acres) in Eastern Siberia, Soviet inventory analysis, economic analysis and market study.
1989 Two year contract for FMV timber appraisal of various tracts for purchase or sale for DNR, State of Washington.
1989 Appraisal study and report on road building and sort yard contract for Sealaska on Prince of Wales Island, for litigation.
1989 Feasibility study and analysis of hardwood export chip supply in Western Washington for major Pacific Rim Trading Co.
1989 Timber cruise on 60,000 acres Western Wash. for exchange. Jointly for State of Wash. and Weyco’s Co.
1988-89 Timber inventory for Georgia Pacific on 100,000 acres of Northern Calif., Sierra purchase.
1988-89 Timber cruise, appraisal and analysis for Crown Pacific Ltd. on Scott Paper Co. Northern Wash. lands. Resulting in purchase of 194,000-acre property.
1987-88 Fire damage cruise and appraisal for Weyco on Calapooia Fire in Western Ore.
1987-88 Cruise and forthcoming appraisal jointly for Weyco and DNR for exchange of ecologically sensitive lands on Puget Sound.
1987-88 Cruise and fair market appraisal of 17,000 acres Southern Ore. for gift tax basis.
1987 Fair market appraisal of 1500 acres timberland in Thurston Co., Wash. for DNR (for purchase).
1987 Cruise and analysis of 17,000 acres of Times-Mirror Oregon timberlands for purchaser.
1987 Due diligence analysis of fair market values of two Alaska native corporations concerning purchase of net operating losses - client, Walt Disney Corp.
1987 Appraisal study on log values, management practices and logging costs for litigation concerning Alaska native Corp. in SE Alaska.
1987 Fair market appraisal of 1977, 1978 and 1979 Oregon and Wash. federal timber sales for A valuation. Engaged jointly by US Dept. of Justice and timber purchaser.
1986 Cruise and fair market appraisal of 42,000 acres of timberland on Olympic Peninsula for Federal Land Bank.
1986 Western Washington. cruise for DNR and Weyco, timber graded by export sorts.
1986 Cruise for export log grades on 1000 acres private ownership in Eureka, Calif. area for foreign trading company.
1985-87 Complete management of St. Regis timber tract for Citifor, Inc. Management included logging and road layout, contract administration, quality control, marketing domestic logs, developing and oversight of export log yard at Port of Olympia, Washington.
1985 Cruise for export log grades on Boise Cascade ownership, Olympic Peninsula for Chinese trading company.
1985 Timber cruise of 1000 plots for U.S.F.S. on Prince of Wales Island, Alaska.
1985 Timber cruise for 15,000-acre exchange in Northern Calif. for U.S.F.S.and Santa Fe Pacific.
1984-94 Ongoing management and consulting contract with Peoples Republic of China trading company. Involved management of first major Chinese timber purchase in United States and appraisal of many subsequent purchases.
1984 Reconnaissance on 18,000-acre I.T.T. timberland tract, Olympic Peninsula, Washington for potential purchaser.
1984 Timber cruise on 13,000 acre land exchange in Western Wash. for Weyco and State of Wash.
1984 Timber cruise on 4500 acres in Northern Idaho for Burlington Northern.
1984 Fire Damage Appraisal on Galena Ridge Fire, Linn Co., Ore., for Norm Wiener of Miller, Nash, Wiener, Hager & Carlsen, Attorneys.
1984 Timber cruise and appraisal on 1500 acres in Wasco Co., Federal Land Bank.
1984 Fire damage appraisal and testimony on Worlow Fire. Klamath Co., Ore. for Aetna Life & Cas. Co. and Richard Roseta of Flinn, Brown & Roseta, Attorneys, Eugene, OR
1984 Timber cruise for purchase of 3000 acres St. Regis timber in Western Wash. Complete management for purchaser including logging plans, contracts and establishment of export sort yard in Olympia, Wash.
1983 Fire damage appraisal on Bohemia Crk. fire, Lane Co., Ore., for Dan Holland, Attorney, Eugene.
1983 Timber inventory and appraisal of Swanson Bros. Lbr. Co., lands in Lane Co., OR. 3000 acres.
1983 C.F.I. plot re-measurement for Trinity Division, Southern Pacific Land Co., 100 plots.
1983 Timber inventory for Southern Pacific Land Co. in Northern Calif., 20,000 acres.
1983 Timber inventory of Coos Bay and Toledo young growth stands for Georgia Pacific, 50,000 acres.
1983 Timber inventory for Tongass Nat’l Forest, Cleveland Peninsula Alaska, 2000 plots.
1982 Timber inventory in Trinity Alps for Southern Pacific Land Co., 28,000 acres.
1982 Timber inventory of portion Toledo Division, Publishers Paper.
1981 Timber appraisal on 15 tracts, totaling 2,200 acres, Oregon Coast for investment group purchase.
1981 Timber inventory in Western Wash. for land exchange between Weyerhaeuser Co. and State of Wash.
1981 Timber inventory in Northern Calif. For Southern Pacific Land Co. Four projects, total 65,000 acres.
1980-81 Timber inventory of Western Oregon lands for Georgia Pacific.
1980-81 Timber inventory and appraisal of 38,000 acres Hill timberlands in Linn Co. for division of certain heirs' interests.
1980 Timber cruise and inventory for land exchange between U.S.F.S. and Simpson Tbr. Co. in Shasta Trinity National Forest.
1980 Stump and standing timber cruise and damage appraisal for Corps of Engineers on Gold Crk. fire, Dworshak Reservoir, Idaho.
1980 Timber cruise and appraisal on 2,100 acres of timberland in Lane Co. for Barker Estate.
1980 Timber cruise for sale purposes on 5,000 acres, Klamath Falls, Ore., for Weyerhaeuser.
1980 Permanent plot inventory on entire Rogue River Natl. Forest.
1980 Inventory, mapping, growth studies and appraisal on 58,000 acres in Southern Ore. for Timber Products Co.
1979 Timber inventory, growth study and treatment recommendations on Georgia Pacific Western Oregon lands.
1979 Timber cruise for 10,000-acre land exchange for U.S.F.S. Southern Pacific RR, Northern Calif.
1978 Timber cruise on 7,000 acre land exchange in NE WA. Pend Orielle Co., for.S.F.S. & Burlington Northern RR.
1978 Inventory and type map 25,000 acres of private tree farms for I.P.Co., Weed, CA.
1978 Timber cruise for litigation on 50,000 acres, Lewistown, Montana for Louisiana Pacific.
1978 C.F.I. plot re-measurement & establishment for Weyerhaeuser Co. on Springfield & Coos Bay Tree Farms
1975 Inventory cruise and stand examination for Publishers Paper Co., on 70,000 acre Valley Tree Farm.
1977-78 Alpine Lakes Exchange cruise for U.S.F.S. and Burlington Northern, King, Snohomish and Pend Orielle Co., Wash.
1977 Timber cruise for purchase on 800 acres, Captain John Crk., Lewiston, Idaho area for Murphy Co.
1976-77 Inventory cruise on Woolley Tbr. Co. lands, 60,000 acres in Douglas Co. OR.
1976 Inventory cruise and stand examination on 60,000 acres near Burney, CA. for Publishers Paper Co.
1976 Inventory and stand examination for Publishers Paper Co. on 65,000 acres, Toledo, Ore. tree farm.
1976 Inventory 2,000 acres in Modoc Co. Calif. for Laxague Lbr. Co., Cedarville, CA.
1975-76 State II timber inventory, mapping and stand examination for I.P. Co., on 300,000 acres, Western Ore.
1975 Inventory 13,000 acres for exchange between Boise Cascade and Harris Pine Mills in Umatilla, Co., Ore.
1975 Timber cruise & appraisal on 126 acres in Linn Co. (Cascadia State Park) for OR. Hwy. Dept.
1975 Timber cruise & appraisal on 1,800 acres in Clatsop Co. for Ore. Hwy. Dept.
1975 Inventory 35,000 acres for Weyerhaeuser Co., Klamath Falls, Ore.
1975 Inventory 25,000 acres, Grand Ronde Tree Farm, Internat'l Paper.
1975 Old growth inventory for Weyerhaeuser Co., 2,000 acres, Linn Co.
1975 Old growth inventory for St. Regis, 20,000 acres, Western Wash.
1975 C.F.I. inventory for Bureau of Indian Affairs, Spokane, Reservation.
1974 Inventory 4,000 acres for State of Oregon and Menasha exchange.
1974 Inventory 20,000 acres for State of Wash. and I.P. Co. exchange, SW Washington.
1974 Inventory 6,000 acres for Anderson-Middle, Northern Calif.
1974 Inventory 40,000 acres for Weyerhaeuser Co., Klamath Falls, Ore.
1972-73 Inventory 80,000 acres for Collins Pine Co., near Mt. Lassen, Ca.
1972-73 Inventory 300,000 acres for I.P. Co., Longview, WA. in Western Ore.
1972 Inventory and type map Menasha Corp. holdings near Packwood, WA. 12,000 acres.
1972 Inventory and type map Kimberly-Clark holdings near Yreka, Calif. for Timber Products Co., 14,000 acres.
1972 Inventory 15,000 acres near Roundup, Montana for Columbia Corp., Portland, Ore.
1971 Inventory Dorris, Calif., American Forest Prod. Co holdings, 20,000 acres for Timber Products Co
1971 Inventory Weyerhaeuser sales, Washington State, for Rainier Mfg.
1970 Inventory Grand Ronde properties for I.P. Co.
1970 Inventory Cherryville and Estacada tracts for Pope & Talbot.
1969-70 Inventory Toutle River Tree Farm for Pope & Talbot, 14,000 acres.
1969-70 Inventory 80,000 acres Medford Corp. holding.
1969 Inventory 14,000 acres near Dunsmuir, Calif. for W.H.Gonyea.
1969 Inventory Kinzqua-exchange, 1,000 plots for U.S.F.S. John Day, Ore.
1968-69 Inventory I.P. Exchange, 4,000 plots for U.S.F.S. Reedsport, Ore.
1967 Inventory 50,000 acres Hudspeth property near John Day, Ore.
1966 Inventory 70,000 acres at Hood Canal for Pope & Talbot.
1965 Check cruise 100,000 acres of Michigan-Calif. Lbr. Co. property in Northern Calif. for Georgia Pacific.
1964 Inventory of 60,000 acres in Northern Calif. for Pickering Lbr. Co.
1963 Inventory of 10,000 acres near Mt. Rainier for St. Regis Paper Co.
1962 Inventory 8,000 acres in Western Montana for Cardiff Lbr. Co.
1962Inventory 105,000 acres in Linn Co. for State Commission.